History of prohibition

Toking it up (smoking marijuana, that is) is now legal in Colorado and Washington State. Most of the nation is already aware of that. But, many are wondering why green sticky isn’t legal nationwide.

Enter into the matrix: 


The history of prohibition in the US varies, based on whom you ask. Lauren Silverman, a writer for KERA, would accredit prohibition in Texas to a seemingly insane guy who ran the streets of Mexico before finally being apprehended by law enforcement. Some where in the mist of the high speed foot chase, it was determined that the deranged man had been smoking the green sticky (aka marijuana) and that was the cause of his dangerous, erratic behavior.

Supposedly, that happened over 100 years ago. And, it happened in a time when Texas was not only fighting the war on drugs but also illegal immigration. Irony at its finest, right?

Still another source-CQ Reseacher, “Legalizing Marijuana”- leaves out the streaker (dude in Mexico is totally streaking in my mind’s eye). From this perceptive, marijuana was gaining popularity throughout the US in the 20th century, while state and federal governments were trying to regulate opium and all those other drugs that severely screw people up.

According to the article, “Mexican immigrants and Caribbean sailors had introduced the drug [Mary Jane], which soon became popular in big cites, especially in the black community and in the West and Southwest, among Mexican- Americans.”

Again, ironic that marijuana would soon begin to be classified as a narcotic and become banned, especially since it was used amongst the very populations that were being threatened with attempted annihilation. Maybe the powers that were wanted to choose their own weapon of destruction rather than allow the folk they hated to use what they deemed a dangerous narcotic. Who knows…

By the time the Federal Bureau of Narcotics was established, in 1930, more than 20 states had banned marijuana. Consequently, we have good ol’ Harry J. Anslinger and his posse to thank for prohibition and all the ridiculous tales that are still floating around (pun intended, ha) about marijuana .



Here’s a prime example of the foolishness surrounding marijuana prohibition:

SERIOUSLY, LADY?!  Why, yes! Yes, I am seriously a contradiction.
(pun intended) 

While Nancy and her kindred idionites (the Idiot clan of marijuana opposers) may believe that people who smoke marijuana are nothing but a gang of stoners who lay around with  bags of Doritos while watching reruns of Beavis and Butthead (see video)…

In fact, medical research conducted throughout the US has proven marijuana to be effective in the treatment of numerous conditions.

Marijuana is used to treat:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Hypertension

along with many other conditions.

Although, missing from the list of diagnoses is the big mouth syndrome of which Nancy appears to suffer.


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